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Welcome to  Swing the Bat!, where you'll find the best description of the baseball swing on the web.  Swing the Bat! also offers effective and affordable baseball and softball hitting lessons in Olney, MD.  If you have a question, comment, or suggestion for improvement, feel free to contact me, Phil Plante, at

The Swing

I’ve divided the swing into the four phases shown in the graphic below: 1) the Pre-Swing, 2) the Turn,   3) the Swing-to-Contact, and 4) the Follow-Through.  For a detailed description of each swing phase, click on the phase name or use the navigation tabs at the top to go to the corresponding page. 


Need a little help with that swing?  Since 2005, I've been helping kids from 6 to 63 improve their hitting skills, build confidence, and have more fun - and all at very affordable rates, just $25 for each private lesson and $90 for a set of four lessons. That's four private lessons for about what you'd pay for one private lesson at most places.  Swing the Bat! is located in Olney, MD, serving the Washington DC and Baltimore areas.  Check out the details on the Lessons page.  Lessons now include 3D slow-motion video analysis using the ZEPP swing analysis system.

My daughter is on Northern Virginia’s premier "A" fastpitch travel team and that is due in large part to her hitting, which Phil made better.  Phil is very knowledgeable about all components of swing mechanics, and his demeanor is excellent with kids.       I would say affirmatively that my daughter has a far better swing with more power as a result of Phil’s lessons with her.                                                                                                          - Tom C., Manassas, Va.

Effective, Affordable Hitting Instruction

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Enjoy success

I want to thank you for the great breakdown of the swing.  It helps me teach my young hitters the best foundation for successful hitting.  We live in Southern California or I would recommend my kids to you as a hitting instructor! 

                                             - Will T.

Baseball Hitting Lessons in Olney

Have fun

I have been a batting coach for the last 5 years and this is the best overview I have ever found on the web.  Thanks for taking your time to share your knowledge and experience.
                              - Scott K

I have been coaching Little League ball for 8 years and I have found your website to be the best for teaching a player how to hit the ball. My son at age 12 has become a consistent homerun and gap hitter because of the tips and drills from your website. Keep up the great work.

                                                     - David B.


Improve your skills

Just wanted to let you know that your work with my son paid off tonight.  Bottom of the 6th, tying run on second, a laser to left hit so hard the left fielder couldn't cut it off - a double that tied the game.  I can't convey how hard hit the ball was. I don't think I've ever seen a kid on even our high school team hit a ball that sharply. The crowd went nuts at the beauty of it.  He just ripped it. He has come a long way in a short time. Thanks for all the help.  

                                                          - Russ R, Potomac, Md.


Build confidence