Phil Plante's

4.1 Back Shoulder to Front

After position 3.3 (the Power V), complete the shoulder rotation until the back shoulder has rotated completely to the front, the hands are near your left ear (right ear for lefties), and the bat is behind your head. Some pro hitters release the bat with their upper hand after position 3.3, such as shown in the graphic above. It’s OK to do that as long as you don’t do it before you get full extension into the Power V.  However, I recommend that youth players hold on to the bat with both hands in the follow-through.

4.2 Finish
The swing is completed when:

  • The back shoulder has rotated completely to the front
  • Both hands are on bat and near the back ear
  • The lower body is in same position as position 5

Now drop the bat and run like heck to first base

Phase 4. The Follow-Through